Startup seeks Programmer

Hello, I am Hans, I am FUZZtec.

I am looking for an experienced professional programmer to join me in the FUZZtec startup, with big potential, so since we already got 2 shareholders, you will become the third shareholder.
If you think below might be interesting for you, then do contact me, and I can tell you the detailed terms.

FUZZtec is an integral part of my company RAPID Technology Co., Limited, Hong Kong and FUZZtec Europe.
It's a Time Attendance system I've setup, mostly made in Taiwan.
Hardware + APPs + Group-based website system > connect to Management Dashboard online where data gets processed.

Read more here: FUZZtec time attendance experience.pdf
Watch my (old) pitch here:

Project is almost finished, basic system works, but needs work to make it well-rounded.
- is Wordpress
- (Dashboard) is made with Codeigniter
- Both share same database.

Here you can see the work I need done:

This job is can-do-from-anywhere, most time needs to be done to learn to know the 2 websites/database structures.

- myADP feature is for plugin to other Accounting/CRM software, this is only a one-time task, we will add from customer request once per week.
- always will need regular website maintenance.

Kindly advise:
1. If you can do it.
2. How many hours you expect to work on it, to complete the work.
3. On what fastest timing (date) you can complete it ?
4. what's your previous experience, and connects with this task ?

I'll feedback with you asap if you qualified. I have another project based on FUZZtec system, but it will be for Later, first things first.

I got one TXT file available with all credentials to access the sites, db and everything easily.

(Note that I am in Europe (NL) from 11/3 until 1/3.)
Thank you again and look forward to hearing your feedback regarding the above inquiry,

Kind regards | さようなら | 再见,
Hans H.J.C. Teunisse [email protected] (M. +31 6-415 90 602) M. 09-8419 8643

Skype: hanshjc Line: hjcteunisse

RAPID Technology Co., Ltd.
582~592 Nathan Rd., Rm.730
Sino Centre, Mongkok, Kln., Hong Kong
Incorporation no.: 1611266
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