Announcement: webTareas v1.6 Release

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The webTareas development team proudly announces webTareas 1.6.


Change between v1.5p11 and v1.6 include
+ ADDED: Contacts
- import from vcard/export to vcard
- sync. with login users
- page navigation grouping (by first name, last name, title and client organization)
- able to search contacts
- contact formatted name support different styles
- create a client user with existing contact info.
+ ADDED: Week Rule
- able to set the first week of the year
- able to set the first day of the week
+ ADDED new search engine
- new search interface
- search box on project list to search for project, search box on task list to search for tasks...
- support field=value search ('start date=2013-11-11' search for the field 'start date' equals to 2013-11-11)
+ ADDED: The page navigation under the User Management have several links where one can access All, Activated, Deactivated users
+ ADDED: View & save urls beside file name in the file list
+ ADDED: ui for claim type & expense type management
+ ADDED: Equipment Management
+ ADDED: show no workcalendar warning message the system date deviates from all years that workcalendar initialized
+ ADDED: password strength check
+ ADDED: user has different language preference instead of system-wide language preference
+ ADDED: notification sent out based on the recipient's language preference & location timezone
+ ADDED: ui for hour type & hour code management
+ ADDED: report wizard & report category
+ ADDED: Flex time adjustments
+ CHANGED: Timesheet entry for entire month on one screen when unit of period is month
+ REMOVED: analysis, person evaluation, my report list, bookmark, cvs repository integration, expense 'trip type' field
+ BUG FIXED: sql error in report member selection
+ BUG FIXED: incorrect block collapse to the 'Documents' page
+ BUG FIXED: custom fields not working for leave requests
+ BUG FIXED: unable to change project status after the project canceled, completed or suspended

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