PHPCI - 一個輕量版的整合測試工具

PHPCI is a free and open source continuous integration tool specifically designed for PHP. We've built it with simplicity in mind, so whilst it doesn't do everything Jenkins can do, it is a breeze to set up and use.

Please be aware that PHPCI is a beta-release project, so whilst it is very stable, there may be bugs and/or missing features.

PHPCI 是一個免費且開放原始碼的持續整合工具,專為 PHP 設計。我們開發它的中心思想是盡可能簡單,所以它並不會做到所有 Jenkins 能做的事情,安裝與使用它就像是一陣微風吹過。

需要注意的是 PHPCI 還是一個測試中的專案,雖然看起來已經十分穩定,也許還有些錯誤或缺少的功能。


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