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Hi gurus,

I am new to php. Want to make a CMS as a practice sample. But I am not sure how to store web content. As far as I read online, all of the samples I have seen is just send the normal word text to the db. But how would those content fit into HTML tags. I am thinking of just store the content with HTML tags in DB. However, that means the end user will need to knwo HTML or when they create content they will need to have HTL editor(eg, Dreamwear).

I can read chinese. Please assist me



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    Basically, you can store any text you want in database. However, html code needs to be valid. To learn more about valid html tags, please check out w3cschool.

    I strongly recommend you use xhtml1.1 doctype for your web application because it is the strictest and guaranteed to be rendered correctly in most modern browsers.
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    其實我會建議你先以一本書當作基礎,試著將書上所有範例都自己打過一遍,去感受一下程式邏輯實際執行的情況,在慢慢去堆疊。另外一個方向是先試著找個感興趣的 CMS ,寫寫它的 plugin, module, component 等等,從一個著力點去了解整個 CMS 運作的細節。
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