mysqlperformanceblog 作者開公司 Percona 提供的 XtraDB

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Percona XtraDB includes all of InnoDB's robust, reliable ACID-compliant design and advanced MVCC architecture, and builds on that solid foundation with more features, more tunability, more metrics, and more scalability. In particular, it is designed to scale better on many cores, to use memory more efficiently, and to be more convenient and useful. The new features are especially designed to alleviate some of InnoDB's limitations. We choose features and fixes based on customer requests and on our best judgment of real-world needs as a high-performance consulting company.

Percona XtraDB 包含了 InnoDB 所有快速且穩定的 ACID 相容設計、先進的 MVCC 架構,基於這個強而有力的基礎去延伸更多功能、更加協調、更多的測試以及更能夠擴充。簡單的說,它被設計來在多核心環境中有更佳的擴充、更有效的使用記憶體,同時更方便、更實用。部份新功能特別設計來減輕基於 InnoDB 限制的問題,我們基於一個高效能顧問公司的客戶請求以及現實世界的需求選擇功能與修正。



MariaDB 也有採用來自 XtraDB 的改進,也許 MySQL 的名字已經不再強而有力,但是精神不死 ;)

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