CakePHP + ExtJs = CakeXT

edited 十月 2013 in CakePHP
This project consists of two parts, the CakeHelper, which gathers information about the data structure from the Cake framework and finally creates a configuration object for the CakePanel ExtJS class. The latter processes the config object it receives and returns a panel with all the CRUD functionalities needed. After the user has edited/created an entry, CakePanel sends back the data to the server for processing.

這個專案包含兩個部份, 一個是 CakeHelper,可以從 Cake framework 取得資料結構資訊並且產生 CakePanel ExtJS 需要的設定物件,CakePanel 取得設定物件後會傳回增刪改查功能需要的介面,在使用者編輯、建立資料後, CakePanel 會將資料傳回伺服器進行處理。



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