CakePHP 1.2 RC4 released!

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News Dec 18, 2008

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By Nate (nate)
CakePHP 1.2 is almost ready...
We have all been waiting a long time for 1.2 stable. Today we are happy to announce that we are one step closer to that goal. We are happy to announce the release of CakePHP 1.2 RC4[1].

CakePHP 1.2 RC4 has received more test coverage and over 300 commits. Please review the changelog[2] to verify the fixes that are included in this release. Our expectation is that we will be able to release a stable very soon after RC4.

In other news, CakeBOOK, the application which runs has been forked by more than 40 developers and more than 68 users have cloned the repository. This activity is great news for our documentation project and has also allowed us to test and improve Visit Chaw to learn more about it and the CakeBOOK.

We would like to remind everyone that is looking for developers or looking for a job that is still going strong. This is a great place to reach the CakePHP community and support the project.

* [1]
* [2]

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