Imperium - 使用 CakePHP 開發的會計系統

edited 十月 2013 in CakePHP

Imperium aims to be an all-in-one financial management software solution for small business seeking CRM, Work Order, Invoicing and Accounting features. Easily organize clients and contacts, provide quotes, track service orders and create invoices. The Accounting module provides bookkeeping functionality and reporting for small businesses — no need for QuickBooks. Imperium provides the "power to control" all of your business data with a client centric approach.

Imperium 試著要成為一個全功能的財務管理軟體,為那些找尋 CRM 、工作單、發票與會計功能的小公司設計。可以輕易組織客戶與連絡人、提供報價、追蹤服務訂單與建立發票等。會計模組提供了小型企業所需的簿記與報表功能,不再需要類似 QuickBooks 這樣的軟體。Imperium 透過客戶為中心的架構提供各種商務所需的控制。

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