Zend Framework 1.5 RC1 推出

edited 十月 2013 in Zend Framework
下載網址: http://framework.zend.com/download


* New Zend_Form component with support for AJAX-enabled form elements
* New action and view helpers for automating and facilitating AJAX
requests and alternate response formats
* Infocard and OpenID authentication adapters
* Support for complex Lucene searches, including fuzzy, date-range, and
wildcard queries
* Support for Lucene 2.1 index file format
* Partial, Placeholder, Action, and Header view helpers for advanced
view composition and rendering
* New Zend_Layout component for automating and facilitating site layouts
* UTF-8 support for PDF documents
* New Technorati and SlideShare web services

* 新的 Zend_Form 元件,支援使用 AJAX 的表單元件
* 新的 action 與 view helpers ,自動與簡化 AJAX 請求的處理與相對回應格式
* Infocard 與 OpenID 認證模式
* 支援複雜的 Lucene 搜尋,包含模糊、期間與萬用字元等
* 支援 Lucene 2.1 索引檔案格式
* 加入 Partial, Placeholder, Action, 與 Header 等 view helpers ,提供進階畫面組成與產生
* 新的 Zend_Layout 元件讓網站畫面配置可以自動與容易些
* PDF 文件支援 UTF-8
* 新的網頁服務 Technorati 與 SlideShare

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