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A PHP library for read spreadsheet files

PHP library for read data of spreadsheet files. It supports OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods), Microsoft Excel 97/2000 (.xls), CSV (.csv), and Text with tab-separated or patterns (.txt).

This proejct is hosted in php-spreadsheetreader - Google Code. It is issued on under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

For further information click here.

PHP 讀取試算表文件的library。支援 OpenOffice .ods, Microsoft Excel 97/2000 .xls, CSV (.csv) 和文字格式試算庫。
LGPL 授權。

公司內部有很多資料是用試算表儲存的,只是總公司用ms officel、門市用 openoffice (沒錢嘛) , .xls 和 .ods 都有在用。我就寫了這個 library 以便 php 程式可以讀取各種試算表中的資料。




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