vtiger beta 5 chinese install help


I only speak english-

I am using the current Beta 5.0 and I uploaded the Chinese lang pack but I can not get it to work-

I added http://vtigerforge.fosslabs.com/frs/download.php/43/vtiger_CRM_5_Beta_lang_zh-tw.zip

I changed the config.inc.php to look like this:
$languages = Array('en_us'=>'US English','zh-tw'=>'Chinese',);

What am I doing wrong?

I get this éŠ·å”®æ¥­å‹ on the menu items??


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    I don't understand why you not to post your question in official forum since you only speak English...

    In the same file, please find $default_charset = 'ISO-8859-1';

    Replace 'ISO-8859-1' with 'UTF-8' and you could get the result you want.

    **I found your post there~~
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