PHPSurveyor 1.0 推出

edited 十月 2013 in 群組軟體


* MySQL 5 compatibility
* Relaying of emails over SMTP server
* Change survey sent/taken from "Y" to the date: When reviewing the tokens display, the fields telling if the survey request was sent, and the survey taken, display a N or Y. This was changed to be the actual date this event took place. This is giving some significant additional information to the survey author. (Patch by Thomas Ringate / tringate!)
* New global option that allows the administrator to specify what is the minimum number of remaining answers in an 'array - flexible' question that must be remaining before repeating the question headings. This avoids that the headings of the question are repeated if only a few answers are remaining. (Patch by Kris Ven !)

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