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I've put together a few things to consider when comparing to SugarCRM. This information serves only to ensure that you are 100 percent confident in choosing to help you achieve complete CRM success.

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The Facts About SugarCRM

While Sugar's low price is what gets the company attention, the risk involved with implementing such a system is far greater than any cost savings can justify. In fact, the statement "you get what you pay for" is embodied by the Sugar application.

SugarCRM is essentially run by a handful of people. The product has few -- if any -- customer references, and Sugar simply lacks the resources required to build and support a reliable hosted CRM service. In contrast, employs more people just focused on protecting customer data than Sugar employs in total.

Further, SugarCRM does not have the features many people associate with true CRM. High business value features like forecasting tools, mass email marketing tools, and a self-service customer service portal are not included with SugarCRM. Plus, Sugar's architecture is heavily dependent on scripts which are difficult to manage, especially during upgrades. The onus of these upgrades is almost always on the customer.

eep in mind that has proven:

* Expertise

* Ease of Use

* Lowest TCO

* Highest Customer Success Rate

SugarCRM vs.

Sugar does not support SALES operations:

* No forecasting

* No account teams (necessary for true account management)

* No lead assignment rules

* No customization of industry fields

* No alerts

* Limited competition tracking

* No attachments

* No HTML notes

* No ability to search across Notes

Sugar does not support MARKETING operations:

* No ability to capture leads automatically from a Web site

* No mass email functionality

* No HTML emails (no way to track who opened an email)

* No ability to track individual emails sent automatically

* No data regarding campaign ROI

* No way to associate leads to a campaign (no way to tell how a lead came in)

* No auto response emails (see also SFA)

* No document storage capabilities

Sugar does not support CUSTOMER SERVICE operations:

* No ability to capture cases from the Web

* No wildcard search across cases

* No case assignment rules

* No self-service portal

* No solution categories

* No solution attachments

* No case attachments

* No ability to capture cases from Outlook

* No knowledge base

SugarCRM does not support MANAGEMENT:

* No ability to truly drill through on reports -- only limited data is exposed

* Dashboards are not integrated into the reporting engine

* No ability to create summary, total, or averages on report information

SugarCRM does not support CHANGING BUSINESSES:

* Very difficult to import data

* No workflow

* No page layouts

* No language translations

* No data quality tools

SugarCRM does not support THE END USER:

* No PDA support

* No wireless support is the best-of-breed CRM solution and has the most advanced and most usable sales force automation functionality. And provides a true 360-degree view of the customer, delivered directly from your most utilized applications.

We can help you succeed with CRM. If you have any questions or would like any feature demonstrated, please contact me at your convenience.


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