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I am looking for a freelance coder. You may reply me or ask me question in Chinese if you like. Just I wrote the project specs in English.

Project: Database conversion from Access to MySQL (from AuctionTamer to CRE Loaded aka osCommerce)

Budget: USD100 - 300.

Bidding expires in 30 days after the date the ad posted.

Needing a tool to convert Access file (in mdb formate) to MySQL. Practically we are switching from the Auction Poster of to CRE Loaded. They are product data.

There are more fields in AP's mdb than CRELoaded's MySQL. Therefore the tool builder has to be familiar with CRE Loaded (or at least osCommerce, the mother of CRE Loaded) so s/he be able to create new fields in MySQL to accommodate ALL data. Natually the tool builder also need to modify the CRE Loaded so ALL imported data are fully functional after the conversion.

Your reference links: --> Free 14 days trial download, so you have ample time to know what their database files are doing.

Bidders must have direct experience on CRE Loaded or osCommerce, as well as any type of database conversion projects. Please submit a couple of links as your job references.

We are flexible on the budget so if you have more suggestions on our ecommerce business (such as eBay API listing/checkout or SEO) we are open to adjust. But the core data conversion objective has to be achieved first and foremost.

Our CRE Loaded site has not even been built yet so you will have the highest freedom to propose and implement.



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    專案的內容是將 AuctionTamer 存放於 Access 的資料轉換到以 MySQL 為基礎的 CRE Loaded aka osCommerce ,所有的資料都是英文?


    一點疑問 :)
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