JpGraph 的替代品 - Image_Graph

edited 十月 2013 in PEAR&PECL

Image_Graph provides a set of classes that creates graphs/plots/charts based on (numerical) data.

Many different plot types are supported: Bar, line, area, step, impulse, scatter, radar, pie, map, candlestick, band, box & whisker and smoothed line, area and radar plots.

The graph is highly customizable, making it possible to get the exact look and feel that is required.

The output is controlled by a Image_Canvas, which facilitates easy output to many different output formats, amongst others, GD (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP), PDF (using PDFLib), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Image_Graph is compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5.

Image_Graph提供一套可以基於統計資料(數字)來建立圖形與各種圖表,支援許多類型的圖表: 長條圖、線圖、區域圖、步階圖、脈衝圖、散佈圖、雷達圖、圓餅圖、地圖、燭台圖、條狀圖、盒狀圖、曲線圖、區域與雷達混和圖。


輸出資料由 Image_Canvas 控制,這使得它能夠輸出各種格式,像是GD (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP), PDF (使用PDFLib)與 SVG 向量格式。

Image_Graph相容於PHP4 與 PHP5。


JpGraph是個很棒的圖形函式庫,不過它使用了 QPL 授權,因此如果不是開放原始碼的專案就必須另外採購它的商業版本;而 Image_Graph 採用了 LGPL 授權,提供了更多彈性。



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